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Add-on Minecraft Server Player-List Block (XenPorta)

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by TomiHU101, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. TomiHU101

    TomiHU101 New Member


    I was wondering if someone could make a block for XenPorta which would list players currently connected into a Minecraft Server.

    So, I could add the block to the lowest row and get a show of players online the server..

  2. Steve Brewer

    Steve Brewer Member

    I'd like this too. Preferably using Minotar but anything more basic will do!
  3. Zwirc

    Zwirc Member

    I just created that.
    Using Minequery and XenPorta html block :)
    With Minotar

  4. Steve Brewer

    Steve Brewer Member

    Is this available to download?
  5. Zwirc

    Zwirc Member

  6. zett

    zett Member

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  7. Kainzo

    Kainzo Active Member

  8. zett

    zett Member

    It's Minequery MC List + XenPorta HTML Block with an iFrame.
    It's not a very "clean" solution if you ask me.
  9. Kainzo

    Kainzo Active Member

    youch.. I'll see if I can get one of my web devs to cook up something better :D
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  10. polkunus

    polkunus New Member

    I've been searching for a solution to this for quite some time...

    So far it's either I pull requests from minequery or http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/simple-player-list/

    Using simple player lists is just reinventing the wheel so... I need solution to all this as well :)
  11. namalinowski

    namalinowski Member

    Did anyone ever get a solution?
  12. Zovator

    Zovator Member

    Hope I can find something for this..
  13. Zwirc

    Zwirc Member

  14. Zwirc

    Zwirc Member

    Working on this now.
    With ajax (auto updates server list) + Online / Offline status + Player count.
    Nick`s with proper avatar ingame and in forum.
    Just adding ingame prefix to the nick`s, and maby Il release it if someone want`s it :)

    (Tnx to Jake Bunce )


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