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Minecraft Building Blocks 1.0

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Steve Brewer submitted a new resource:

Minecraft Building Blocks - Minecraft blocks as smileys for easy to write price lists, recipes, maps etc

This smiley pack adds all the building blocks from Minecraft 1.8 into your forum smilies. Each smiley uses the item ID as the shortcode so players can type :1: for stone blocks.

I made this pack so I could easily make a server price list, and so players could map redstone recipes in forum posts and tutorials on my server, which you can see at Redstone Rangers

How to install:

1. Upload the img folder to your root directory. This will save the image...

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Another thing, could you change the format? People using telegram will probably not see the blocks but :1:, :2:, so could you use a more meaningful format, like :minecraft_1:, :minecraft_1-1: (for data values) or even better something like :minecraft_stone: and :minecraft_stone-1: ? If you want the first format I suggested, I've already changed all of them.
Could we please get an update that adds food, weapons, tools, and armor please? My community LOVES this addon so much, but there's no cake or pie!
I'm actually planning to make my own. But I'll be using this sprite first:
I like smiley with 16x16 or 18x18 resolution as to match the original XenForo smilies. But if I succeed on this one, I may make another one with the first sprite I mentioned here.
But since it's a pain to do it manually, I'll try to write a script in PHP (the only language I'm good at, other than JavaScript) to generate an importable smilies.xml. Since the resolutions are fixed, it shouldn't be hard to do it with iterations. Well, let's just see.
Here's an experimental tool to get you started on generating smilies.xml for both sprite sheet that I've linked before:
Please don't mind the fact that it doesn't use any styling at all. It's too troublesome to make it look pretty.

An example on how to get it working for this sprite sheet: is as follow:
ID: (read note on the generator page)
Title: Minecraft (or whatever you want)
Display Order: (number from 0 to ...)
Image URL: (read note on the generator page - basically this is the URL of the sprite sheet)
Smilie Title Format: (read note on the generator page)
Smilie Text Format: (read note on the generator page)
Smilie Dimension - Width: 16
Smilie Dimension - Height: 16
Sprite Dimension - Rows: 25
Sprite Dimension - Columns: 24
This will generate the content of a smilies.xml that will add all images on that sprite sheet.
But unfortunately, it will also add those blank space on the 22nd, the 23rd, the 24th, and the 25th rows. Well, you can manually remove them anyway.
Also, if you want to have matching smilie ID as the actual block ID, sadly you have to do that manually as well. Here's the complete list of the IDs:

For the second sprite (which matches the original add-on here), the smilie dimension is probably 32x32 or 34x34. As for the sprite dimension, you have to count that manually, lol.

Before you ask why I didn't upload my own smilies.xml instead. It's because I haven't done mine as well. I just thought that it was going to take much work to manually edit the result, so I thought I'd do it later and leave this tool here for others to use.

Also, technically this should be much faster than adding the smilie one by one manually through the Admin CP, as the tool will already calculate the offset of each smilies on the sprite sheet. So all that's left for you to do is to update the smilie title and the smilie text, IF you want perfection. And remove the blank ones, of course.

Anyway, good luck. That tool will stay there forever.

UPDATE: Here's a less troublesome sprite to test the tool with:
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I used your tool to create an XML file for this image:

It worked great! I had to manually name every block and look up their IDs so that they would work properly with the plugin we are discussing about. It took 4.5 hours. :O I didn't have the energy to change the display order to order them by ID, but here is the XML if anyone wants to use it. I removed all but one of the banners, and I probably got some of the items wrong that look similar, like potions and arrows. Also I'm not sure I got the IDs correct for some things that didn't list an ID on the wiki, so keep all this in mind.

Also, Chrome did not like loading this XML file because it's so huge. Firefox worked okay though. Your mileage may vary.

Smilies XML:
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