Mimimalist Styles?


I need to look at styles with minimal images and colors.
What are the most basic and minimalist styles available?

Thanks in advance


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I think the stock style is the nicest, most minimalist I've found. In general I think that admins care much more about "styles" than users. Users want other users.

Some of the biggest forums on the internet are still using the old vb 3.x stock style.

Change the logo and go. Worry about the style if you actually get enough users to warrant fiddling around.


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jauburn, can you provide a link to the stock style?
Clarify, please. Xenforo stock style? It's here at xenforo. It's the one you already have. I use it, too. (Click poetrycircle in my sig.)

vB 3.x stock style? Plenty of large, established forums still use it. Examples


I run across examples frequently.

My mantra: Your forum doesn't need a special style. It needs users, and a style ain't gonna get them. Put your energy elsewhere.

Plus if you add a non-stock style, you've got yourself yet one more thing you have to worry about updating (if you even can) every time Xenforo changes. It's a pain in the wazoo.
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