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Yes, you can purchase second hand licenses. Checkout this thread.

Licenses are eligible to be transferred 120 days after purchase, must be active, and not have been transferred previously.

You can checkout these two marketplaces:

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Joe Kuhn

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I don't know about second hand licenses, but I do know about the people here and they are great. I've gotten a lot of help from members in the community on a logo, icons, upgrades ... everything is pretty much resolved on my new forum. The add-ons here are extensive, omg. I needed one to highlight the code in an old programming language that is a theme in my forum and it was free. (Not all are free) When i discovered this old language was not supported for syntax highlighting, a member helped me develop the regex needed to get it working. And I learned something about regular expressions to boot.

It's the kind of community that fosters helping out. I've been able to give back, through my background in database work and found it very rewarding.

$160 is nothing compared to what you get. It's worth many times that.


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It is possible by installing XF1 and importing into that, then upgrading to XF2.
That can be done with a single license.

Our official recommendation however would be to upgrade phpBB to 3.2 and import directly into XF2.


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If you haven't already, submit a ticket.

However, every time this has happened it has been due to PayPal withholding the payment for "security checks".

They deduct the payment from your account and indicate to you that it is complete, but then they withhold the payment from us for up 72 hours until they have completed their checks.
Then they pay the money to us.

It's hugely irritating as it suggests to the customer that it is us who is holding things up.
I suspect that is deliberate on PP's part.

As soon as we receive the payment from PayPal the license is created automatically and immediately available.