Migration process from VB3.x + URL conservation


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1) This is related to migrating from Vb3.8: would I be able to
  • Copy current vb installation from home/user/public_html to home/user/testmigrate
  • Install the xenforo software to home/user/testmigrate and migrate database from VB
  • Confirm that testmigrate.mydomain.com work fine and then rename "public_html" to "Old and rename "testmigrate" to "public_html" so that my site starts working instantly on the regular domain mydomain.com?
I just want to make sure that process is that easy and there is nowhere in the setting that current installation path of (home/user/testmigrate) woudl be hard coded during installation. If so, are the installation instructions clear about where to change that? Would completely deleting the vbulletin directory affect the url redirecting if i already archived Vb database on xenforo?

2) As for the URL redirect, I know there is a script that would solve this problem. However, since I will be writing my own RewriteRules in the htaccess to make sure all vbSEO links point to correct Vb links, can’t I just write the rules to point directly to the xenforo links and circumvent the script option and save resources? I am guessing this should be possible since I read there is an option to keep all same ID's but please do confirm and let me know if that would be the best way.




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Thanks, that confirms the part one of my two questions.

What about the links, is it possible to write direct url rewrite from vbSEO to xenoforo? If not, whats the long way?


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There is a URL redirect for vbseo urls, it's in the resource page.
I'll link the exact URL when I get home.

I believe this is the link you are talking about: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/redirects-for-vbseod-urls.5098/

It goes a great job creating the rewrite rules from vbSEO links to default Vb links (only for the major link and you still need to create your own for calender, announcements, member profile page, etc...). However, after that there seems to still be another confusing process of redirecting those standard VB links to XenoForo: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/redirection-scripts-for-vbulletin-3-x.5030/ It says you have to place files in the same directory as the old VB installation but i will be wiping that folder completely and replacing it with a XenoForo installation.. so need to figure out how exactly that works.

Because of this 2 step process to get the links from vbSEO > VB > Xenoforo, I was wondering if I can create my own redirect links directly from vbSEO > XenoForo.

Thanks for any suggestions.