Migrating From vBulletin® 3.8.7 to XenForo 2

I have a vBulletin® Version 3.8.7 forum that I will want to be migrated to the new XenForo 2 once it is stable released.

Once XenForo 2 is released, will there be a migration tool to migrate my vB 3.8.7 to it?

Or would it be best to purchase XenForo 1.5 and migrate to that. Then migrate XenForo 1.5 to XenForo 2?

Just looking for a migration process that will be optimal, effective and fastest. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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If you purchase a license, you'll be able to download both xF 1.5.x and xF 2. So if an importer isn't available for what you need, you can just import from vB 3.8.7 to xF 1.5 and then upgrade from xF 1.5 to xF 2 (once stable).


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There will eventually be importers for XF2 but the quickest route currently will be via importing into XF1 then upgrading to XF2.