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First things first, the style is nice the author did a very good job and you've made some nice touches to it.

The moving twitter bird in my mind should go it's very very irritating but not as irritating as the popup box that keeps prompting you (i assume to register) after you've closed it, what's even more annoying is that it follows you as you scroll. You'll find a lot of guests after 20 seconds walking away from your site.

With regards to the notice, I'd personally change the colour of the border residing in the.... (below) and making in more subtle .

.noticeHolder.warning .noticeContent h3.noticeTitle {

    border-color: #D40B0B;
Overall, some nice touches, Some of the imagery I'm really liking but above are my personal issues at a glance.


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some days I was unable to access your forum, do not know why ....

One question: How to put that rotating images on the homepage?



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does anyone know how to put rotating images in the forum, such as this forum? I remember seeing something here in the forum but can not find!