XF 2.2 Method isAdmin is not callable on the given object


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Method isAdmin is not callable on the given object

No problem, let's find the problem!
Search templates, search templates in other styles, search admin templates ... nothing.
Search template_mods? ... nothing.
Search complete source code of xf and all add-ons ... nothing
Ok, lets search phrases? ... nothing
Ok, have a look under my desk? Hmm, also nothing.

Where the hell this "isAdmin" could be? Somewhere in the mysql?
Remaster all templates ... nothing

Deactivate all addons ... nothing

$config['enableListeners'] = 0; helps, the error is gone.

... deinstall all addons i normally dont use.
Finally it had deinstalled all addons ... but not the RM;
after I have deinstalled the RM the problem is gone ...

Never had this before.

Install RM again. No problem until now.

Any idea how this can happen?
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