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XF 1.4 Meta info above post

Now meta info is below posts. I need to display the meta info above the post.
Everything in this div: class="messageMeta ToggleTriggerAnchor" should display above the post.

Please tell me how. I have messed around with template:post, but cant figure it out.

Thanks :)

Mr. Goodie2Shoes

Well-known member
You have to edit the template 'message', move this code:
     {xen:raw $messageAfterTemplate}
    <xen:hook name="message_content" params="{xen:array 'message={$message}'}">
I am not sure about the outcome though... :p

EDIT: oops... this will also move the signature to the top...
EDIT: I've updated the code... this should do the work...