XF 1.3 Message count incorrect


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I'm not sure if this is 1.3 specific, or was present in 1.2 - but I just noticed that some members message counts are showing as 0 (all members and some forums were imported from a vB forum)

I've rebuilt Thread Information and User caches, but it has not made any difference - are there any other caches I can build, or anything else I need to do?


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I think it's pretty daft for this not to be in the core. Each forum has an option as to whether posts made in it should be counted toward user totals.
Let's say I go and reclassify some forums, lets say the staff areas, and decide posts there should not count towards totals.... I should be able to rebuild those counters without having to rely on a third party SQL query! To do so is just nuts imo. Credit to Jake for writing the query, but it needs to be amongst the built in counters and cache tools.