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When you merge two threads in the same forum by ticking the boxes and clicking merge, prefixes appear as text only as part of the title. So you cannot choose the correct prefix in the merge since it is hardcoded. This seems like a bug because when you move a thread, the prefix selector appears before the title. It should on merges as well since you are merging two different threads and need to select the most relevant prefix.


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I can't really say this is a bug. You can post this as a suggestion, though I suspect it's unlikely that we'll make any significant changes here. When merging into a specific thread, the general assumption is that the state of the thread is already correct. If that isn't the case, then editing after the fact is certainly an option.

The move situation is a bit different, particularly in the single thread move scenario that you are referencing, as it may not be possible to set the prefix until the move is done. Saying that, this is roughly a convenience feature as we don't necessarily expose everything that might change between forums (notably, custom fields and thread types).