XF 1.5 merging thread will cause original thread url to throw bunch of errors


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i cannot figure this out for the life of me

sometimes when i merge a thread, original thread url will not redirect people, instead it will show this page and throw 10 server log errors


i cannot solve this, pls help


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ok i found the root cause, this page above shows up anytime i click on the original redirect thread, so if i redirect something, if i click the original url i get the above


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steps to duplicate error
1- move thread to different node
2- keep redirect link
3- click redirect original link

bunch of server errors pop up and error page opens up
@Brogan can you please confirm if this is the default line in thread/view.php ?

XenForo_ViewPublic_Helper_Message::bbCodeWrapMessages($this->_params['posts'], $bbCodeParser, $bbCodeOptions);
hmmmm one thing i noticed about the demo and my forum, the thread id in the demo always remains the same

however in my case, the redirected url has a new id
ok its an add on, but i couldnt catch it at first because the add on had to be disabled then i had to try to redirect a thread after

you can close threaed