XF 1.5 Merge Forums?


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Am i mistaken or is there NOT any way to merge forums?

I have forums A,B,C,D and I want to move all threads from A,B,C to D and then delete A,B,C

Please dont tell me that I have to do it manually. The forums have thousands of threads.

Edit: It seems that Batch Update Threads will work
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You can easily do this using the Batch Update threads function in the ACP, choosing all threads from forums A, B, C (ctrl/cmd + click to select each of them) and then move them all to D.

then delete A,B,C,D
I presume you mean delete A, B, C. If you delete D, all the threads you just moved to D (plus any already there) will be deleted, so probably not what you want to do. :)