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XF 1.2 Merge Forums/Move Threads

I want to merge two forums, but do not see a way to do that. I though simply the best way then would be to move all the threads from one to the other, but the Select All only lets me check the threads for one page at a time. I would have to do that for nearly 100 pages.

Surely there's a better way yes?
I looked for that feature and cannot find it. I used "batch threads" in the SE here and noithing related comes up. I know there must be a manual for learning at least the basics of the ACP but I cannot find that either - looked in the resource center lots of helpfulstuff but didn't see anything akin to a manual. I'm trying to find these things though I promise! Could you point me toward a resoucce that will help me learn the ACP, and in the meantime tell me where the batch thread feature is? I found the batch update option.
I read the manual and it has educated me about many things, but it did not give me the confidence to try and merge forums using the batch update threads feature. None of the fields are explained to a degree that describes what I should do - unless I missed that part in the manual. Can anyone take a stab at describing how to use this feature?
I guess the terminology is throwing me - I don't want to delete anything accidentally. When I select the forum I want to merge into another, the button says "Search" instead of "Next". I clicked it anyway and it takes me to the next page asking for the destination forum "Move to Forum", but it doesn't verify which forum is being moved. I have to have faith that the forum I selected is actually in the queue, but it doesn't show the queue. After I select the destination forum, the action button does not say "Update Forums" it says "Update Threads". Is this how it's supposed to work? Maybe I am too cautious but I like to clearly know what is about to happen before it does, and none of this looks exactly right.


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You are performing the action on threads, not forums.

On the first screen, select the forum you want to move the threads from, in the "Forum" field.
Click "Search".

On the second screen, select the forum you want to move the threads to, in the "Move to forum" field.
Click "Update Threads".