XF 2.2 Members Sometimes Trigger A Firewall

We've had this issue for a while, and haven't had much luck figuring out the cause.

This is sometimes triggered for people:

Blocked IP Issue.png
Entering the Captcha always works.

Though, sometimes after getting past the Captcha, returning to the forum, and trying to continue doing whatever you were doing prior to triggering the issue, results in getting the Captcha again.

This can happen many many times in a row, to the point that it could take you 15-30 mins to post a thread just because of this delay.

I've checked, the IP that was 'blocked' is not in our blocked IP list within the XenForo admin control panel.

Sometimes this is triggered when someone is posting a long thread post, or, one with many URLs in it to unfurl.

Other times, it occurs when simply navigating to a different page on the forum.

Thoughts on what could be causing this:
  • some sort of misfiring of a bot detector
  • something to do with our server
  • something to do with our XenForo settings

We are using XF 2.2.7, with many of the parameters in the ACP set to their default values.

Does anyone know what is/could-be causing this?

If so, a possible way of resolving it?

If not, any ideas of how to trouble shoot to identify the source of the problem?
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