Members profiles in sitemap and robots.txt


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I understand that this can be different for each community but do you send member profiles in sitemap and allow crawlers to index them?

I don't have it in sitemap and block them in robots.txt because there's no relevant content, most profiles are private and returns an error in google search console and finally, I don't want google to waste time with thousand of pages with low quality content.

What do you think about this?


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Out of our members privacy, I block robots and crawlers to members. Dont see any reasons why it should be indexed.


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no, I do not allow them to be indexed.

Your approach is correct - Google Panda says 'low quality content'

Those pages are just noise. Should not be indexed.

I edited a couple of templates so those pages (and a few others like them) have <noindex, nofollow> just to be sure.