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XF 1.4 Members List - opt in/out?

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is an option for members to opt in or opt out from having their name in the member's list? Some members really want to be able to see a members list, and some prefer not to have their name on it.

But the only option right now is to have NO members list. Not really a permanent or ideal solution.

Many thanks!

Hi, everything. If there was a box that members could check to opt out from their name being in the list? Of course people can find them via the threads, but for this page... Did you ever get requests like this?



Well-known member
There isn't an option built-in, it would require an add-on (I'm not aware of one).

IMO having members being able to opt-out of a members list effectively makes it useless. A list of members is a list of everyone, not just a selection of those who want to be visible in it. You'd be better just switching it off altogether or setting the View Member List permission for Guests to Not Set (No). Guest won't see the member list but members will.