Add-on Members Can Choose Their Own Font and Color


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A member of my community requested that she would like to set her own font and color as default whenever they want to write something. Preferebly the admin should be able to control which usergroup has this right.

Thank You.


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Hate to bump this, if anyone like this idea to become an addon please write or like the post. Thank you.


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I would like this as a lot of my users did use it when I installed this feature on VB. It's not a crucial need.

This could be added to like user upgrades or something.


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I was just about to post a thread asking for this very thing, then thought I had better do a search first in case someone else had already requested it - clearly, I'm not alone!

Is it possible to allow users to set their own display font? Some of my users love the default Georgia font, but some hate it. Rather than change it unilaterally, I would much prefer to allow users to set their own default display font.

Can this be done?

Thanks. :)