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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Member search - Search up to six input fields.

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Search for members.

Search up to six input fields:
  1. Username...

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Mr Lucky

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I can really recommend this to help find spammers. For example if you enter http in the Location field, you find anyone who has put a URL as their l Location


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+1 for the drop-down or checkbox for selection fields. We have some custom fields we want to make searchable and this plugin can do that, but users need to know the accepted values of those fields to be able to use it. Hopefully Andy can make that change without too much hassle...


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Would it be possible to add group to the search parameters?
Running a Harry Potter roleplaying forum, being able to find users based on their group is often important for members to determine who to roleplay with. This was an option on our previous software, and now I'm trying to find a way to do it in Xenforo!


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Question about this interesting addon @AndyB : is there a way to use this to search for fields that are set ?

Eg : find only people who have filled a custom field ?

That would be a requirement on my side... And my suggestion :)

Something (maybe) like adding a checkbox "field is not empty", or alternatively, supporting putting "*" as the query and it would then simply display all members where that field contains smth.

I tested on your site and it doesn't seem to be possible yet, could this maybe be added ?
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Mr Lucky

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Question about this interesting addon @AndyB : is there a way to use this to search for fields that are set ?

Eg : find only people who have filled a custom field ?

I don't see how judging by the screenshots, and that would be a requirement on my side... Let me know :)

Andy can probably give you the definitive answer, but I haven't found it able to that (e.g. type in a wildcard * )

However you can find anybody who has filled in a website URL link, because they will start with http, so typing in http will find anything that has http or https as part of a URL


Hello @AndyB,

Thank you for this great addon.
I would like to suggest an improvement.
Do you think it could be possible to have the searched criteria is the URL so that we can share "search links"?
The idea is to have the url containing the criteria such as membersearch/results?limit=500&keyword1=test1&keyword2=test2
With keyword1 and keyword2 allowed search fields.
So that the user doesn't have to enter the criteria himself.

Do you see what I mean?

Thank you



Hey Andy, would this addon work with a suggestions field addon. I have an addon that shows suggestions as you are typing.