MediaGamer is pretty much one of a kind when it comes to the purpose of a promotion board. While there's not many forums for youtubers/gamers to conglomerate on, the ones that are available are not strictly for promoting content. Some other boards have tight restrictions on what you can and can't promote. At MediaGamer, everyone has free reign to promote their media, so long as it relates to the subject of gaming. If you made a blog about why you don't like the newest game on the Xbox One, post it with us! Did you make an incredible review of latest Call of Duty and why it's superior to every other bread and butter CoD ever made? It's welcome! Want to stream your gameplay of My Little Ponies Epic Adventure? While questionable, it too is welcome!

If you play games and create media, you're exactly our target audience! We welcome everyone from YouTubers and Streamers to Bloggers and Writers! Share your videos, articles and other content with us! We WANT to see it!, Where gamers of the media unite!