MG 2.2 Media top page


The top page of the Media section shows thumbnails of all the photos/media in the files.

1) Where is the setting that controls the number of images shown width-wise. Our 'default' page shows 5 images wide, inspection shows they are 300px wide. On the same computer, I look at the sample Media page on this site and it shows 4 images wide. Inspection says they are also 300px wide. How can I control how many images display across the width of the screen?

2) Is there a way to control which images appear on this page? whether they're newest, or certain albums, or what-ever? Or is there a way to block certain albums from being read and displayed?


Dug around some more and found the latest version of Media uses an algorithm to set the number of images per page width. The default 300px X 300px was giving me 5 images across. Changing the thumbnail setting to 400 X 400 results three across.

Hope this helps someone else
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