Media Gallery Questions


I am considering purchasing the Media Gallery addon so I can import my photopost database and put that dinosaur to bed.

I noticed that the Resource Manager has a nice modern image browser. But the Media Gallery seems to have a PhotoPost-era interface (assuming that /media/ is the Media Gallery). Are there any plans to modernize this? I see there is a v2.1 slated, but I didn't see a new features list.

Also, are there any recommended posts on PhotoPost import issues? Mine is hosted on a dedicated domain.

P.S. Loving XenForo big time. I wish I had upgraded from vB years ago.


Formerly EvilSS
Im sure you will get a reply from staff soon. I think the word media covers MP4 uploads, MP3 uploads, Youtube Videos and Gallery Images. If you just wanted to use just for gallery images. You can change Media to Gallery, and you can change /media/ to /gallery/ to. Enjoy Xenforo ;)