XF 1.5 Max width image size that can go into Notices?


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I'm looking to put an image in the Notices. But I want it to cover the whole Notices box. If you look at the following screenshot, you will see a Notices box but it's only covered full in height but not in width, as you will see there is plenty of space on the left and on the right. What image size should I use here to fully cover the width as well?

Also, how to make it responsive? The theme is fully responsive, all other banners are fully responsive but when I put the same code into the Notices html, the image isn't responsive.

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It's going to depend on the viewport width and image.

You can make any image fit the available width using the relevant CSS, but it's not always a good idea as the height will also increase and it will take up the entire screen on landscape views.

Try using an image which is about twice as wide but the same height as the one you're currently using.

Then use max-width 100% in the CSS.