XF 1.3 Max. number of user groups

Hello gentleman!

As the titles implies, I am interested in the forum limits. I am responsible for a milsim forum and for organisational purposes of our clans we have a lot of "micro-groups" with 5 to 30 people. In total numbers we have around 5500 registered users. As we are still growing I would like to know if the number of user groups has an effect on forum performance. I sometimes recognize timeouts when updating "registered users" group permission on main forum nodes. I assume this is kinda related.

There most likely already is information on the forum about it but still. Are you aware of a certain limits or can you guess what limits a forum at our size has in regards of groups and nodes?

Also, can you recommend performance tweaks for a forums with loads of nodes and user-groups?

Current number of Nodes = 533
Current number of Groups = 105

Server Spec:
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz
16GB DDR3 1333mHz
Gigabit ethernet
nginx-1.10.1 web-server
mysql database


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The number of permissions combinations is going to be large with that many user groups and nodes.
Especially when rebuilding as there is a lot going on, which is the trade off for better performance at run time.

Ideally you would try and consolidate the user groups wherever possible.

Running the 'Clean Up Permissions' task in Tools -> Rebuild Caches may help.
Thanks for the hints regarding tasks and rebuilds.

Do I understand your words correct when saying the following. You can't really give me an approximate number of groups/nodes but you consider the current values I've mentioned as already quite much and you would recommend not to go much higher with group numbers but rather try to dense groups down?