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Duplicate Max node limit

Discussion in 'Resolved Bug Reports' started by bladinium, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. bladinium

    bladinium Active Member


    I have bug on node +500

    Option "Créer un nouveau" dispear?

    How to resolve?

    Thanks you
  2. Jeremy

    Jeremy Well-Known Member

    This is intentional, I can't find the post that says that tho.
  3. bladinium

    bladinium Active Member

    It is not possible to increase this limit? 1000 would be better for our forum
  4. Jeremy

    Jeremy Well-Known Member

    You will need to edit the templates. Performance issues creep up at 500.
  5. Liam W

    Liam W Well-Known Member

    There's no limit in the code that I can see, I'm sure you could go directly to the create page and create one.
  6. Jeremy

    Jeremy Well-Known Member

    There is a limit in the template.

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