Mautic Integration


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Not really a request as I will probably write this code myself.
However I am wondering if there is any interest out there with others for integrating Mautic into Xenforo. The basic communication functionality for Xenforo is OK, but my marketing manager definitely needs a greater set of communication tools.
We are running on a shoestring budget at the moment whilst we launch the business and are trying to do it open source as much as possible and later migrate to a full SaaS marketing stack when we are no longer shoestringing the busines.

In my research I came across Mautic and it appears to do most of what we need. There is a simple way to integrate with just using the tracking script but that doesn't really go deep enough, so what I am planning on doing is essentially porting the wordpress plugin over to xenforo to give a deeper integration and wider array of the mautic features embedded into the system.

Just wanted to see if there was other interest in this as well and maybe therefore working with others to get it off the ground

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