Mass upload from server file system


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I would like to see an option to allow mass uploading of images and videos from the server's filesystem.

This would be a great option to have for people who cover events and take lots of pictures or have very large video files that are too big to upload with a browser.

Once the media is uploaded to the server with a FTP client, the user would would select the "upload from server" option, enter the category, the title and description and XMG would process everything in the folder.
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I would like that option, but for us only for the admins. I use it now when I upload the 7 graphics each week that announce the winners, a lot faster than choosing one image at a time.

Our server couldn't handle mass upload for the members because it would quickly jump to the point we would have to pay higher monthly server costs. We aren't a pay service, only donations from members.
PhotoPost was a leading gallery platform that included a Xenforo bridge but has recently ceased development. I am now looking for a system with similar features and Media Gallery could be it if it had the ability to bulk/batch/mass upload via FTP. For now I have to move to Coppermine Gallery that does have bulk uploading but would love a single-sign on as well.
2021 ... still need this.

Have 10 gb of images in the 500/ folder from photopost. would love to upload these to a gallery but don't have a good/fast way to do it from the backup s3 bucket in which they sit.
I want this as well. I have 550,000 images and a few thousand videos to upload. I’ve just hired a fellow here to do the import. I’ll let you know how it goes.
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