XF 1.1 Mass post/thread deletions by member ID


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We have an issue in our "big board" where we have several members sent to Coventry. Aside from a couple of problem users, we had to use Coventry to hide posts from a few members for sensitivity reasons. (One of our members risked losing his job and his securities license.)

Since Coventry has not yet made an appearance here at XF, my idea is to do a mass soft-deletion of all threads and posts by these members. Not perfect, but it achieves the same result. Normally I would just find a way to flag those messages as soft-deleted in the database, but I am not yet familiar enough to know which tables and columns need to be updated. We do not want to hard delete, so that is not an option. And since we will be using the moderation queue heavily, tagging those as unapproved would just make a big mess for us.

Has anyone figured out a database query like this which would do the trick for us? Or is there another workaround I could use?