Mass email using SMTP - data wanted

Paul B

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For those of you who are sending email via SMTP, if you have used the Email Users function in the ACP to send to a lot of members (minimum 5K), can you post some stats with regards to how long it takes to complete?

I'm looking for the following information:

- SMTP provider
- Number of emails sent
- Time taken

Feel free to include server stats and config if you wish.

I'll do this soon to 6k and report back.
When I did it last, I think it took around 45 minutes with Mandrill.
Did 7.5k in 15 min. I host email with mdaemon. Which then offloads to mandrill.

Ive also done 96k in 2 hours or so with no mandrill. I also think the mail server failed because it ran out of memory!
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