XF 2.2 MariaDB From 10.3 to 10.6 Pre-Upgrade Inquiries


We're planning to upgrade our MariaDB database from 10.3 to 10.6 and we're greeted with the warnings below.


Is it safe to ignore those warnings by ticking the checkboxes and proceed with the upgrade? Do we need to adjust our do anything in our Xenforo installation post-upgrade?
It's a warning because anything higher than MariaDB 10.4 on a server isn't directly compatible with Mysql anymore. So reverting to Mysql could then become a complete different story.

However, Xenforo is running fine on MariaDB 10.6 as @duderuud already stated.

I don't know which panel you are using (cPanel maybe?), we use DA and were advise to upgrade step by step. So 10.3 tot 10.4 then upgrade to 10.5 and then upgrade to 10.6.
You can try a direct upgrade if that is possible but indeed a backup is very highly advised anyway.
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