Margin Links


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Similar to Chrome (the page that opens up in a new tab if you don't have it configured to go to your home page) where it slides between most recent pages and installed apps. I'd love an add-on that provided a small, visible link that would shift the page to a pre-defined (preferably user selectable from a list of admin-selectable options: i.e. profile, what's new, specific node page, etc.) This can act as a hotlink for the user's favorite or most-used page, or perhaps a page that admin wants to increase activity and awareness of. It's fun to click that link in chrome. Not sure if the same, sliding effect can be reproduced. But even if not, for some forums with wide enough margins on the side of the page, it would provide assistance.

You could even have a bookmark this page/thread (I think there's already an add-on for this) where this link would take you to the next, starting at #1, of the bookmarked pages in your list, in order.