Implemented Manual User Upgrades


The main reason I haven't converted my main forum to XenForo is because I can't manually manage subscriptions on the ACP. I receive cash payments, which makes it impossible to automatically promote a user. For example, on vBulletin, when I receive a cash payment, I go to ACP and I can manually upgrade a user, like this:


I know I can manually upgrade and demote a user on XF, but I have a lot of subscribers and I'm not always around to demote a user when their subscription is over. With vBulletin I only have to worry about the manual upgrading, I know that when their subscription is over, the software will take care of the demotion.

I love XenForo and I'd like to convert my main forum ASAP, I hope it is possible to implement this manual user upgrading system. :)


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