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XF 1.5 Manual Paid User Upgrades


Well-known member
Hi all,

Perhaps I'm just stupid and missing it somewhere ( :)), but is there any way to add user upgrades manually, outside of doing it in the database or such? I have a member who was unable to pay me using the PayPal link generated by xF. Kept giving him an error. So he sent me a payment manually. I don't see any way of adding him to the paid upgrades so that it expires automatically next year.


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Go to User Upgrades. To the right of each user upgrade is a Controls option. Click on the one for the user upgrade you wish to give, then click on Manually Upgrade User. You can then enter the user's name and the date you want the upgrade to expire.

Gene Steinberg

Well-known member
I'm reopening an old thread, because there is one feature lacking. If you do a manual upgrade, it doesn't automatically set up a recurring PayPal payment. If you have a recurring upgrade payment, any manual change you do can screw up the recurring payments.

I would like to see some way to set up a manual billing/upgrade system, to allow for people who cannot pay via PayPal or get a manual extension.

Ideas anyone?