XF 1.3 Manipulating Register Date on User Info


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I have enabled "Show author registration date" on message elements and its showing well.

I believe that the date pattern is unique for the whole forum, so now, mine is set to "January 1, 2014".

I want to manipulate this data shown on the message_user_info template to stop showing this way specifically there..

MM/YYYY for me would be great. Is that possible to manipulate the line above to show the way I want?

<dd>{xen:date $user.register_date}</dd>
Just to clarify, I do want to keep the pattern selected on the whole forum. For the user info on messages I want to change because I don't think its too important to know the day the user joined.

Thanks in advance !


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Humm.. Im just wondering if its a Styling and Customization question.. hehe

Im sorry If I opened it wrongly.. Could any mod change it for me?