XF 1.5 Manage Tags


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When in the admincp and managing tags, is there any way to at least stay on the same page when you delete or merge a tag? I just migrated my forums to XF and am trying to clean up all the tags that were created. This is killing me.. :(


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The main page is always reloaded as that is where tags are managed from (merged, deleted, etc.).

What behaviour are you seeing?


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that's the behavior that I'm seeing that I don't want to see.

When I'm X pages in, it's annoying to have to go back to page X after every change. It's bad enough that I have to merge 7 of the same tags (with slight variations) one at a time because I can't just check off some boxes and click "merge". Or not being able to select a bunch of crap tags that I'm going to delete and just clicking "delete" instead of doing them one at a time. The scrolling to the bottom of the page, finding the page I was on, clicking on it, scrolling to where I was on that page, etc. is turning into a pretty big straw... :(