Man of Steel

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That's an interesting turn. It seems as if the reboot superman is less "open" about his powers, like this is a "coming out" story. Where the classic superman would always charge to the rescue, this superman seems concerned about being different and being accepted. I approve.

I wonder if the reboot superman even bothers with a secret identity? The trailer makes me think not. That would certainly enable a "coming out" story.

I'm not very fond of the idea of aliens vs superman though. In the trailer it looked like Kryptonian enemies of Jor-El versus the son? The second movie used this idea, and while it was a good movie I thought it was somewhat detached from humanity, as if Earth was demoted from a central character to a mere spectator. It's important that the audience be able to connect with the protagonist.


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finally a superman with a more real life tonality, ty Christopher Nolan, I believe you've brought my faith back into the superman series.

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This trailer inspires a little more optimism in me. I don't mind if you're going to change things, just don't change the core. Krypton appears to be war torn in the trailer. I wonder if it was destroyed by conflict rather than natural catastrophe. That would make more sense as to why they were suddenly wiped out. I would be a little disappointed if they're going the no-secret-identity route. If there was anything inherently Superman, it was his struggle to maintain a normal life. Not to completely fail at it altogether.

This will be the darker version of the Superman.
Zack already pointed out that this is a more "grittier" take on Superman, but not to get too caught up in the idea. It's not darker. It's just going to be more serious.
This is the first trailer containing the actual music from the film. Nope, John Williams' classic theme is not being used.

I had thought it had already been confirmed that wouldn't be there before they started shooting. Directors are terrified you'll get their movies confused with previous versions, which is why they practically mangle things like costumes and theme music.


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Dark how?

No lens flare. :LOL:

I don't think it'll be darker but certainly a more emotional superman/movie think twilight "Not without my daughter" (starring sally field) on steroids. I'm not sure what to think of the movie yet (from the trailer) but I enjoyed superman 2 (1,2 & 3) you have to adore Richard Pryor but I think the introduction of alien beings is good on first impression and on paper but whether it's pulled off is another story.

These reboots always tend to turn out badly (startrek latest) and I haven't even watched it but I won't go in expecting much or having high expectations. If the movie turns out to be good that is a bonus.