Making The Jump

Peter Cox

I have a test site running Xenforo, and am now looking to possibly move our main site onto it. I do, however, have some concerns. Could i address them openly here? Responses would be much appreciated.

We moved from VB to Drupal two years ago. Quite painful. Drupal forum module is very basic compared to either VB or Xenforo, but the CMS integration made up for it. Now, we have to upgrade to Drupal 7, but find that key forum modules simply don't have an upgrade path. We could pay thousands for custom coding... or... you get my point.

1. Is there any recognized path / hand holding for Drupal6 forum migration to Xenforo? (I *have* searched this board, and seen a few other posts about this, but more info would be appreciated).

2. The key issue, for me, is bluntly this - is Xenforo succeeding? This devolves to (a) the current court case and (b) commercial uptake. We can't afford make the jump, only to find that we're marooned.

3. Is there an active community of Xenforo designers? Also, coders for custom development?

Any user insights much appreciated.