Making Styles


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I've learned my way around xF a bit and have no problem making styles.

However, I am unable to make a theme properly using styles properties. The problems I'm having with this are endless, and is beginning to get a bit frustrating.

So for starters, I'm having an issue adding a background. So in the settings I have set my images path to "styles/example/". Then I created a folder in styles directory called "example". I uploaded my "example_bg.jpg" to that directory. From there I went to "styles properties > HTML > background". I selected my color(which works) and added "example_bg.jpg" as the background(which doesn't seem to show?)

What am I doing wrong?

I also set my pageWidth in the style properties to 990, which doesn't seem to work. I also tried 900px, which again doesn't work.

Any guidance with this? I am trying to avoid editing the css code as much as possible.



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I'm finding it hard to create styles using only the default style properties too... the div#content doesn't actually reflect the contents of the Content style property, which baffled me a little.