Making Money from the Internet

Hi everybody...
Can you list the ways how you make money out of the Web?
Here some that worked for me:

- Affiliates
- Referrals
- Webdesign
- Freelancing
- Selling Products
- Selling Ads/Space
- Domain Brokering

Some I need to try:
- Stocks
- Ask for donations
- Pay to Click Services

Am I missing something?


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In a forum:
Donations/ paid subscriptions and adsense.

In general:
Freelancing (script installation)

I haven't tried anything else.


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Donations is the lowest form of income-scheme there is. People perceive you as a particular something until you're self-sustaining. So this tactic does not work for a website that has a company.

AdSense is okay, but getting B2B ads are better because it means your brand or product is "trustworthy."