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I'm delighted to say that my Makeup Forum is now up and running!


A makeup forum and community for beauty chat, fashion and lifestyle.
A big Thanks to @DominicE of Skin My Forum for his wonderful design and work.

I will appreciate any comments, suggestions, or critiques to take my forum to the next level. Of course, I will be working on adding more content and promoting it on Social Media.​

Thank you also for the wonderful XF!
Looks great! @DominicE did a great job.

I'd consider re-thinking the number of nodes you have. A lot of the time new forums tend to start off with way too many nodes and just spread things too thin. Consider reducing the number of nodes and maybe look into utilizing prefixes instead.
That's a good observation, but in this case the design disguises it well. Plus with he and his wife doing the actual work of adding relevant and compelling content themselves, won't be long before those nodes begin to get filled up. Clearly they have passion for and knowledge of their niche. Far worse than too many nodes/forums, is lack of organic posting by the owner.
Thank you. Now is the hard part to get people to join the community :)

Oh for sure, community growth is hard and strenuous. With users being on FB and IG, and then creating their own vlogs on YT, it makes it hard for users to come back to forum communities. We understand the pain!
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