XF 2.2 Make your home page "news RSS feeds from various news websites?


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Hi Guys!

I want to add more contect to my site that's based on Xenforo forum. I was thinking about makeing the home page a news site", but I would feel it with news from other sites ( I am going to give credit obviously! ) what do you think about it? Is it possible?
I read that it is legal and also that most site like this too, because I give credit and link back every article.

If possible, how should I do it?
Is it possible to make comments under the articles?
Link the articles in a "news" forum?

Thanks a lot for the help, because I know this is a complicated matter!


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Yes you can import RSS look in the acp. You could make the forum article type and yes sure make it your homepage.
I dont want it to look like article type.
I want to make a forum for a specific topic. But at the same time I would like to make the home page (or a "News" button at the top) that leads the users to a page that is a news page from different sites, filtered so it only shows the relevant articles.

Think like this (just an example).
My forum is about video games, it has categories like PC, Xbox etc....
But the home page / News page is filled with news articles from various sites like cnn.com and fox.com about video games (though Im not sure if it's possible to filter RSS).