Lack of interest Make Home page, Location and Occupation Custom Field


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Can you please make Home page, Location and Occupation Field into Custom Fields.

For starters it doesn't make sense not to and secondly especially the home page field its a spam magnet, and for those of us with no use for it, we would be able to remove it once and for all.


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I've noticed a trend with spammers and XF boards whereby they register and place links in the home page profile field without ever posting anything.

Can us admins please have the ability to enable/disable this in the permissions system?

This would allow us to give the facility to selected usergroups and/or use the group promotion system to enable it after x posts/length of service/etc.

Shaun :D


Yep, I'm having this problem too. Does anyone at least know a template we can edit to manually delete this nuisance?


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I think the link is displayed in several templates for the profile, I think it is member_view and member_user_info.

A quick and dirty hack is to set up a conditional in those templates to only display if user is a member of group x, then set up a promotion for that group. I have set up a disallow for /members/ in my robots.txt, it basically nullifies any spamming attempts through profiles, so at least you have the pleasure of knowing the spammer just wastes his / hers time trying to do that.

I like the suggestion though, there are some default fields that should be custom fields, like the contact details.