XF 1.5 Make a Poll public after incorrectly choosing to hide votes?


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Not sure I'm posting this in the correct area. I did look around; could have fitted in a few forum categories.

So I've made a poll. Had a couple of hundred votes. And then realised I haven't selected to show the voters!!!!!

Can't seem to edit it via the usual controls.

Wondering if I can is the database or some add on or some magical fairies.

Anybody managed to do this somehow?
The only way is by manipulating the entry in the database.

In general, polls should not be changed from private to public as it is a potential breach of privacy.

If you do want to do it though, you need to change xf_poll.public_votes to 1.

It's a regular poll we run and it's usually always public and people expect it to be. It's just an admin error in this case.

I'll go sort it via DB.

Cheeeeers :-)
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