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What, or where, is the criteria for Resources to be prefixed as "Unmaintained"? I've tried looking in the Developer Docs, the Resource Guidelines under the Help section, as well as the sticky threads in this forum but couldn't find a clear answer.

A resource I created (Visual Code Snippets) is currently tagged as such:

Unless XenForo 2.x undergoes some major architectural changes (unlikely), or Visual Studio completely changes how it does code snippets and/or breaks backward compatibility, then I'm not sure what actively "maintaining" this resource actually means? Is it OK if I just edit the resource and remove the prefix?


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Is it OK if I just edit the resource and remove the prefix?


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Thanks for that. In the thread you linked:

"This will typically only apply to resources where the author is no longer licensed, has had their forum account deleted, has been permanently banned, or has not visited the site for a period of time."

Is this the criteria for unmaintained resources? If so, for my particular case, I guess it was based on not having visited for a period of time.