Mailing list?


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i'm wondering about this feature, and i need to know how this will be handled by XF ... :) there is something special? :D


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I do not know what you mean, sorry.
He's talking about mailman - ( the kind seen often in conjunction with software projects, albeit mainly in the FOSS world)

Before there was twitter, mailman and IRC were used to keep your devs / contributers and following informed.


Gordy: It was nice talking to you on IRC the other day by the way :) </offtopic>

Ah, I see what is meant now, thanks for taking the time to explain it to me :) Yeah, we use IRC as our site's "virtual office", I still find it the best. Anything that's bigger and requires say attachments or reference records, will be put in staff threads anyway. I never used twitter to stay in touch with the staff or discuss things, nor mailman.