Mac OS X problems - Programs don't start anymore


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Hy guys!
I think there are some Apple pros around here.

I own a MacBook Pro with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Since a few days some programs like Photoshop, Adium, etc. crashing while starting them. The flash plug-in in Safari isn't working proberly and when starting the system Finder is very slow. Everything happens after updating the Xcode - I believe this was the cause.
So I've googled around. Some recommandations are: uninstalling Xcode, updating flash player, repairing disk permissions - OK I've done this.
But no improvement. So does anyone have an idea?

And no, I haven't activated the time machine :/


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Dominik, hänge eine externe Platte ran und aktiviere Time Machine, hat mir schon zwei mal den Arsch gerettet. :)

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Dominik, add a external HDD an activate time machine, that saved me on twice times.


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Try restarting your computer. That will sometimes work.
No sorry, that didn't helped out much.

@Lucas: I read this before too but will this help for problems with other programs like Adium?

@hcmagix: You mean I can use time machine even if I haven't activated it before. So it will restore the settings before crashing the system?


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any recently installed programs? I tend to wipe my mac every year because even though they say there is no need to do it (because there is no defrag program on mac) but they really do show problems like this after a bit.

hcmagix is right though - always keep a backup in case this type of thing happens.

make sure the mac is up to date as well as any extra programs you have - if then it still has some problems - set up time machine, copy everything over wipe it and put the essential stuff back on (ignore the OS stuff etc as that should be a fresh install anyway).