Loving today's Google Logo


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What... ?? Everyone else makes inane topics.. today is my turn :p

Today's Google logo (I always like to see what they do daily) is dedicated to Saul Bass, and I think it's really neat, so go to Google and press play on their logo.
I always take notice of the Google Doodles and they never fail to amaze in what creations they come up with. My personal fav was the Copernicus doodle birthday celebration http://www.google.com/doodles/nicolaus-copernicus-540th-birthday

But the one up today is nifty too. Actually good topic Google Doodles in my books have become innovative and a breathe of fresh air for landing pages on the net. :)


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It is cool :D

and... Hmmm Inane.. Inane.. how dare you cast aspersions on the banana hammock - that's a quality protest statement right there!!!



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Yes the current one is done very nicely, very classy. Saul Bass did some design work for some of my favorite movie directors (Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick...)


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They spend months on each of these. I'm always amazed by what Kris and his team come up with.