Love XF2


I really don't understand all of the negative comments and feedback on 2.0, or XF in general. I have used MegaBBS (don't laugh), MyBB, phpBB, and vB 4. I am currently running 6 forums on 3 different software platforms and XF2 is years ahead of all of the ones I mentioned.

My current XF2 site started with MegaBBS in 2007, moved to vB4 in 2012, moved to XF1.5 in 2017, then to XF2 in 2018. The move to XF is the best one I have ever made. The code is modern and friendly, add-ons and themes are a little thin for v2 but more get added every day.

I have 1 site on MyBB, what a mistake that was.

I have 4 sites on phpBB3. While it's pretty robust for free software it doesn't come close to offering the functionality and user experience of XF2.

If you don't like it, don't use it. For me, it's the best investment I have ever made. Thank you!