Looking to shift India's largest motorcycling forum to xenforo

We are running a pretty huge board at www.xBhp.com/talkies. The current statstics are as follows :
Threads 19,616 Posts 1,070,060 Members 63,076

We are planning to switch from VB4 to xenforo. Had tried to upgrade to vB5, but ran into multiple issues, so had to switch back to VB4.

Now before we take a dive, we want to confirm a few things. We are running a handful of plugins, including photopost pro, VBSEO, Dragonbyte user tagging, etc. the most important of them being the photopost and VBSEO. So just want to know whether we'll run into any issues if we switch or these modules will keep working on the xenforo as well.

Also we'd like to optimize the forum and database to run as fast as possible. So could you help us in that regard as well?
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