Add-on Looking to Hire: Add Slide Box to show next thread


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Many of you are probably familiar with these "slide boxes" that are becoming popular to drive visitors to other content on your site. If not, see what I mean in the following photo:

The following site outlines how to accomplish this in Wordpress:

I would like to add this great pageview driver to my XenForo installation, using the next thread and either an attachment from the next thread or the avatar of the OP as the thumbnail.

If anyone is up to the challenge, I am willing to pay a bounty for the add-on. Either post your estimates here or send me a convo.


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Thats super, add a user avatar, or a photo from the thread would be icing on the cake! :D
Grabbing avatar accomplished...just figuring out how I want to display it...I was also wondering if it would be good to allow a space for an ad as well.

For someone like me who doesn't like the idea of ads in my content this works out perfectly since it is only displayed when a user is at the end of a thread page and they can dismiss it all together if they want.

Photo from the thread is kind of meh to me only because there is no guarantee that there will be a photo in the thread and if there is a photo there is also no certainty that the thread wont be about something serious and then someone posts a picture of a kitten for the the first picture and you get a picture of a kitten with a headline of 'Mysterious plague overtakes remote area in the jungle '.

When do you plan on releasing it ?
Once I figure out how it is getting released and under what terms. Relative to making the addon...this is the simple part so I would say really soon.

I saw this earlier today, its a different take on it,really cool, although might be overkill for most forums:

Actually that would be pretty much the same thing I did in function only with two containing elements instead of one and having less information being pulled in and with the display static on the left and right accordin to previous and next. I could probably try doing another version of this thing that is a little lighter in approach and see how it works out as soon as this addon is out there in the wild.


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Great, look forward to it. - With regards pictures - make it an option? I don't mind clicking kittens, might be worried it has caught the mysterious plague! Thanks for working on this!


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Well I wrote that almost completely in jquery and as a jquery thing it is done,however if I were to release something that people would chip in to make public I would want to integrate it a little better with xf than the way I did it.

I am working on a style for someone and I am also trying to make another one of a kind style and sell the rights to it as I have some bills that are priority. Given that, I couldn't say when I would be able to rewrite this unless I knew there was enough of an interest that some donations could cover time I would have otherwise spent doing something that would help me pay the bills.

I will add this to the list and we will just have to see if even a small group of people have a real interest in this.